Mining and stone processing industry

The mining complex occupies a leading position in the industrial structure of the Republic of Karelia.

More than 37% - a share in the total volume of industrial production in monetary terms.    

In 2020
21 million m³ production volumes of nonmetallic building materials, including crushed stone — 18,7 million m³
65 thousand m³ production of commodity blocks
More than 10 billion rubles invested by mining companies
25.6 million rubles investment in geological exploration of new subsoil plots
33 enterprises carry out the production of crushed stone Industry leaders:
  • Karelprirodresurs LLC
  • Prionezhskaya Mining Company LLC
  • Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete LLC
  • KP-Gabbro JSC
  • enterprises of the holding «Commercial and industrial non-metallic company»
  • Karelkamen LLC
  • Sunsky quarry LLC
18 enterprises mine building stone for the production of blocks Industry leaders:
  • Drugoretskoye LLC
  • Another River LLC
  • Interkamen CJSC and Kara-Tau LLC (development of the Drugoretsky massif of gabbro-diabases)
  • Karmin CJSC GPK as part of MC Mining Administration Vozrozhdenie LLC
Geological studies of the republic's mineral resources with the aim of further involving new deposits in the development Issued in 2020:
  • 38 licenses for geological exploration for the purpose of prospecting and evaluating mineral deposits (application principle),
  • 12 licenses for the discovery of mineral deposits.
Possibility to receive measures of state support:
  • subsidy to reimburse part of the costs of organizations to pay interest on loans received to finance investment projects;
  • subsidy for partial reimbursement of the cost of purchasing machinery and equipment for the implementation of investment projects;
  • tax incentives for income tax and corporate property tax.
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