Mining complex

Mining complex occupies a leading position in the industrial structure of the Republic of Karelia.

More than 37% - a share in the total volume of industrial production in monetary terms.  

In 2020
21 million m3 production volumes of nonmetallic building materials, including crushed stone — 18.7 million m3
65 thousand m3 production of commodity blocks
More than 10 billion rubles invested by mining companies
25.6 million rubles investment in geological exploration of new subsoil plots
33 enterprises carry out the production of crushed stone Industry leaders:
  • Karelprirodresurs LLC
  • Prionezhskaya Mining Company LLC
  • Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete LLC
  • KP-Gabbro JSC
  • Enterprises of the holding «Commercial and industrial non-metallic company»
  • Karelkamen LLC
  • Sunsky quarry LLC
18 enterprises mine building stone for the production of blocks Industry leaders:
  • Drugoretskoye LLC
  • Another River LLC
  • Interkamen CJSC and Kara-Tau LLC (development of the Drugoretsky massif of gabbro-diabases)
  • Karmin CJSC GPK as part of MC Mining Administration Vozrozhdenie LLC»
Investment projects
  • Production modernization project at Karelian Pellet JSC (in the holding Severstal) upgraded ore enrichment section and wastewater treatment, mining and purchased new technological equipment. The company also invests in additional exploration of iron ore deposits.
  • Project of the group of companies Sunsky quarry for the commissioning of new additional capacities for the processing of stone from the Suna deposit in the Kondopoga region. A second crushing line was installed to increase the output of crushed stone products (by 30%) and expand its range (crushed stone of narrow fractions according to the new GOST)
  • Construction of our own berthing facility (Karelkamen LLC)
  • Construction of a modern complex for the production of crushed stone at the Bratskoye deposit (Progress LLC)
  • Integrated development of the Shoksha gabbro-diabase deposit (MC Mining Administration PO Vozrozhdenie LLC)
  • Construction of a stone-processing enterprise for the production of architectural and construction products (MC Mining Administration PO Vozrozhdenie LLC)
State support
  • Law of the Republic of Karelia № 1687-ZRK dated March 05, 2013 «On State support of Investment activity in the Republic of Karelia$raquo;
  • Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated August 28, 2017 № 295-P «On approval of the Procedure for making a decision on the compliance of an investment project with the criteria for selecting investment projects to provide state support for Investment Activities in the Republic of Karelia and making a decision on recognizing an investment project as a priority investment project of the Republic of Karelia»
  • Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated August 27, 2018 № 318-P «On approval of the Procedure for Granting Subsidies from the Budget of the Republic of Karelia to Legal Entities (with the exception of subsidies to state (municipal) institutions), individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals — producers of goods, works, services to compensate for part of the expenses of organizations to pay interest on loans received to finance investment projects»
  • Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated November 02, 2018 № 392-P «On approval of the Procedure for Granting Subsidies from the Budget of the Republic of Karelia to legal Entities (with the exception of subsidies to state (municipal) institutions), individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals — producers of goods, works, services for partial reimbursement of costs for the purchase of machinery and equipment for the implementation of investment projects»
  • Investment portal of the Republic of Karelia