Tourism and hospitality industry

Ladoga and Onega 2 largest European lakes
23 thousand rivers, 63 thousand lakes total number of water bodies
840 thousand people the flow of organized tourists and tourists
327.0 million rubles the amount of extra-budgetary investments in the tourism infrastructure of the Republic of Karelia
3,506.1 million rubles the amount of tourist and recreational and hotel services
Up to 3.5 million overnight stays per year it is able to provide a tourist complex of the republic with accommodation facilities
The opportunity to receive state support measures:
  • subsidy for compensation of part of the expenses of organizations for the payment of interest on loans received to finance investment projects;
  • subsidy for partial reimbursement of costs for the purchase of machinery and equipment for the implementation of investment projects;
  • tax benefits for income tax and corporate property tax;
  • the possibility of obtaining land without bidding.
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