Agro-industrial complex

598 units number of ventures of various forms
About 8 thousand people number of people employed in the industry
  • Dairy industry
  • ХBakery industry
  • Meat industry
  • Plant growing
The opportunity to receive state support actions:
  • Grants for agricultural consumer cooperatives for the development of the material and technical base.
  • A subsidy of up to 50% for the purchase of property with its subsequent transfer to the ownership of members of agricultural consumer cooperatives.
  • A subsidy of up to 50% for the purchase of property for the formation of an indivisible fund.
  • A subsidy for reimbursement of part of the costs of purchasing agricultural products from members  of agricultural consumer cooperatives.
  • Grants for the development of a family farm.
  • Grant «Agrostartap»
  • Grant «Agroprogress»
  • A subsidy for reimbursement of part of the costs of selling produced and sold bread or bakery products.
  • A subsidy to compensate for a part of the costs of organizations to pay interest on loans received to finance investment projects.
  • A subsidy for partial reimbursement of costs for the purchase of machinery and equipment for the implementation of investment projects.
  • Tax benefits for income tax and corporate property tax.
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