Timber industry complex

The most important basic industry of the Republic of Karelia.


  • logging,
  • woodworking,
  • pulp and paper production. 
32,1% share of forestry enterprises in the total volume of shipped industrial goods in monetary terms at the end of 2020
4 large enterprises of the pulp and paper industry
  • Segezha PPM JSC
  • Kondopoga PPM JSC
  • RK-Grand LLC
  • Segezha Packaging LLC
More than 10 enterprises produce a wide range of woodworking products (lumber, oriented strand board, fuel pellets, chipboard and other types of products)
Industry indicators for 2020
7.8 million m³ untreated wood
1 135.0 thousand m³ longitudinally sawn timber
335.3 thousand m³ particle boards
1,036.5 thousand tons paper
448.1 million units bags and paper bags
1,133.6 thousand tons wood pulp and cellulose from other fibrous materials
The total volume of investments in 2020 by forestry enterprises amounted to 4.8 billion rubles or 89.2% by 2019, including:
3.3 billion rubles pulp and paper industry
1.2 billion rubles woodworking
0.3 billion rubles logging
Investment projects
  • Projects of the Segezha Group of Companies, including the modernization of Segezha PPM JSC, construction of a new sawmill
  • Project of RK-Grand LLC for the modernization of a pulp mill in Pitkyaranta
  • Construction of LLC DOK «Kalevala» of the second stage of the plant for the production of OSB boards
  • Implementation of projects for the development of woodworking capacities at Solomensky Sawmill LLC, KLEZ-Astar LLC, Russian Forest Alliance LLC, Sortavalsky Sawmill LLC
State support at the federal level
Investment portal of the Republic of Karelia