Investment passport of the Segezhsky municipal district

Geography Segezhsky municipal district is located in the central part of the Republic of Karelia and is bordered on Medvezhegorsky district in the south, on Medvezhegorsky and Muezersky districts in the west, on Belomorsky district in the north, on the Arkhangelsk region in the east.
270 km distance to Petrozavodsk
Segezha city administrative center
10 723 sq. km. area
34 761 people population
Infrastructure Transport accessibility is provided by the federal highway R-21 «Kola»", regional and local roads. Transportation of passengers on the territory of the municipal district is carried out by TK Transline LLC, Senate LLC. The St. Petersburg — Murmansk railway runs through the territory of the district from south to north. It connects the Segezha district with Leningrad Oblast, Murmansk Oblast, as well as with Arkhangelsk Oblast, and gives access to the state border near Kostomuksha city.
Economy The basis of the district's economy is timber industry, trade enterprises, services and food services
Large enterprises
  • Joint-stock company Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill
  • Segezhsky LDK LLC
  • Segezhskaya Upakovka LLC
  • Russkii Radiator LLC
  • Data center Arctica —2 LLC
  • Nadvoitsky plant TDM LLC
  • KU Data Center LLC
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